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Fashion Design

Margurite Terblanche Rihana Jalil Jessica Byram


This programme provides students with an education which allows them to function within the wide parameters of the exciting world of fashion. It also aims to equip the student with the ability to adapt to the fast changing needs within the clothing and fashion industry.
Students are specifically trained to:

  • identify and interpret fashion trends within a specific context or market area;
  • be informed on developments in textiles, colour and design processes;
  • analyse & evaluate historical and cultural influences in the course of clothing and fashion design development;
  • develop and prepare design solutions for the manufacture of garments for the various market sectors;
  • interpret fashion changes in the commercial environment with existing and related technology;
  • investigate cost effectiveness of garments through innovative production technology methods, including (CAD/CAM);
  • apply practical skills in pattern adaptation and garment assembly by using appropriate materials, equipment and processes;
  • foster communication on all levels of production and management by written, verbal and visual methods;
  • acquire computer literacy skills for communication purposes;
  • apply the students’ managerial, marketing and costing skills to initiate self-employment.


This programme caters for specialization within a design or industrial field. It encourages students to develop and utilize their imaginative and intellectual problem-solving skills in a theme of their own choice and interest. Alternatively the theme could be initiated by industry through sponsorship. The student will be guided, instructed and monitored in research methodology, time management and planning.

The student will apply:

  • advanced technology to the design, fabrication and manufacture of a range of garments;
  • analytical and critical skills to the methods and concepts used in the range development;
  • analytical and critical skills to the techniques and creative concepts used in the design project.


Qualified students have the potential to become private entrepreneurs and/or buyers or designers for the mass market - including chain stores. Other career opportunities include: clothing designers (mass production and haute couture), fashion illustrators, costume designers, pattern cutters, pattern graders or supervisors.

Contact information
Mr Mike Swanepoel
Coordinator: Interdisciplinary Studies & Lecturer: Graphic Design
Tel: 27 41 5043317